Important, please respond.

The SCTA Board is seeking your views on the DTL Team Selection Procedure

For the 2016 DTL Team Selection, a new procedure was introduced. This required that all shooters would compete in their ‘default’ category and the top 5 shooters in each (Lady, Junior, Veteran, Super Veteran) would make these respective teams.  This meant that shooters in those categories could not otherwise opt to be in the senior team as their choice, but would only make that team if, having not made the team in the default category, their scores were good enough for the senior team.

Having not previously received any indication that some shooters did not like that means of selection, the SCTA published the Bulletin in January 2017 with this as the DTL Selection Procedure for 2017.   It was only with the formation of a DTL Committee in January that the mixed views about the new procedure emerged and it became apparent that some people thought it was only a one year trial.  It was decided to put this matter for discussion to the AGM on 12th February.

At the AGM there were mixed views, with some people suggesting the new procedure should be retained with others wanting the original procedure re-introduced.  There was a view that the same procedure should operate across all the disciplines and not have a different one for the DTL.  The Chair advised that other countries had tried to introduce this new procedure but this had been rejected by the majority of the membership.

It was agreed that this should be put out to the wider membership (with less than 50 members including the Board attending the AGM) via a Facebook article and an article on the SCTA website.

Views on this should be relayed to Morven Short, DTL Rep via email pleaseThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Views received will be taken back to and considered at the next SCTA Board meeting in March.

We look forward to hearing from you.