Clay Target Traps

Traps used for clay target shooting;

There are so many different types of traps we can only display a small selection of those available. Our thanks to Promatic Traps for their assistance in the construction of this page.

ABT, Auto Trap;
This trap is designed for ABT  and can also be used for DTL. A very versatile trap providing a multi positional rotation discs for varying angle and height settings

trap  abt
trap  abt- dtl

ABT, DTL Double Rise;
This top of the range trap is designed to operate on ABT, Double Rise, and DTL and has a "turnbuckle" for tuning the angles.

The DTL Trap;
One of the most popular traps in clay target shooting. Carrying a 12 column carousel and 400 clays. Simple adjustment for cross winds is necessary and a turnbuckle for height refinements.

trap  dtl
trap battue

The Battue Trap;
Ideal for a variety of targets required to entertain competitors and beginners alike.

Chondel Trap;
Using standard clays, offering a "looping" target, a flat trajectory, or an almost vertical "teal" thereby vastly increasing the varieties of target presented to the shooters.

trap chondel
trap downhill

Downhill Trap;
An extremely versatile sporting trap that offers the largest variations of target. Tipping to 70 degrees giving the shooters even more testing scenarios.

Olympic Trap & Universal Trench;
The ultimate in OT traps 10 stacks holding 300 clays. Just imagine 15 of these traps in an Olympic Trap layout

trap ot stacker
trap rabbit

Simple effective and adjustable to accommodate various terrains. One of the most popular targets  at any clay shoot.

Stacking on 6 columns; 
Again a very versatile trap for use in small clay club competitions holding 200 targets lessening the time between filling, giving more continuity to competitions

trap skeet
trap single

Single Clay;
A trap similar to this can throw clays at almost one per second to a distance of about 300 feet and gives a very credible "following pair". Can be adapted to throw "midi" clays

Simulated Teal
This trap can be set to throw the highest angled target required in sporting competitions.               

trap teal
trap triple set

Triple Trap Trailer;
This system is available with either one, two or three traps on a trailer and has the advantage that it can be taken anywhere. The traps can be of different types for greater variety of targets

Definitely one of the most useful traps. A small stacker on a trolley for maneuverability and simplicity of use.

trap trolley
trap true double

True  Pair;
Based on left and right hand traps giving a "True Pair". Traps can be adjusted independently to throw a huge variety of targets.