The Clay Target

The clay target also well known as a clay pigeon comes to us in many sizes and forms.
With the development of different disciplines and the need for different clays the manufacturers have responded and developed many clays that will fly in different manners and stand the stresses of modern traps but yet break easily if hit by the shot. So many demands are made upon the modern clay, it must be bio-degradable, it must be tough enough for throwing, it must be readily seen in different lights and it must still be reasonably priced in today's very competitive market. When it comes to colours there are several available for each variety of target. The standard target is available in about 7 colours and even "flash" to give that wonderful feeling of satisfaction when it looks to explode in a ball of colourful dust when hit.

The most commonly used clay is the "Standard" which weighs in at 105 grams is 110 mm in diameter, and it is approximately 25 mm in height.

The "Rabbit" as its name suggests is designed to run along the ground with a slightly thicker rim it is a flat style of target and is 98.5 mm in diameter a little smaller then the "Standard"

With the same overall shape as the "Standard" clay the "Midi" is only 90 mm in diameter and only weighs in at 75 grams.

The "Mini" is a tiny 60 mm demon of only 36 grams.

The "Battue" is a flat style of clay target, it is 107.5 mm, approximately the same size as the "Standard". It flies very fast and tends to drop rather quickly.