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Good Afternoon Lads and Lassies

Hope your all well and getting positive about us moving forward and out of this horrible pandemic . As my last post intimated a number of date changes have already taken place . There was one omitted, the East area championship has been moved from May to July 31st still at Auchterhouse .

As we hope to get registered shoots moving next weekend wish to reiterate that whilst this is exciting we must adhere to rules . There is no easy way to skirt around this as progress for the future of shooting is down to everybody involved in the sport .

First and foremost Safety , please take care and check everything especially after shooting a line just double check cartridges are removed etc - I know you know . It has been a long time since we have been involved in competition so just take your time to settle back .

control and sensibility - the shooting grounds had a big financial hit amidst covid19 and will be delighted to welcome us back . Please adhere to their rules and apply all the guidelines set . Things have changed and for the foreseeable future my friends culminating in what we can and cannot do . Please do not handle score cards after you have completed a line or have any query on the scorecard. This is very important for keeping the ground in control of the rules  . The referee will answer any relative questions but this is a rule which has been advised by STS  and must be followed .

We as shooters must accept things have changed for now . The grounds will have sanitiser and don't be shy to use it . In most cases unless informed otherwise take your own food and drink , clearly if your driving a distance you will need something . The sensibility is down to us,  keep 2m apart basically and that more or less is that . Just be sensible, adhere to the instruction from the grounds and let's get going . It has been so long since we have enjoyed our sport and been back to the comradeship with friends around the country  .

The emphasis is to get back in the groove , let's all work together and we will get to where we need to be in a month or two . It is exciting to know we are starting again and I look forward to seeing you all soon .

For the grounds I will be handing out membership leaflets to grounds shortly and would appreciate if you can place them where they can be easily seen .