9 Oct Update - COVID19 Phase 1, 2 & 3 Guidance for Shooting

COVID19 Guidance: Phases 1, 2, & 3 For Scotland - Extension to Exercise

9th October 2020 Update

First Minister’s Statement on 7 October 2020

On Wednesday 7 October, the First Minister made a statement to Scottish Parliament outlining a series of temporary measures intended to stop the rise in coronavirus cases in Scotland. In her statement, the data clearly demonstrated the significant rise in cases. In that regard the evidence paper published on Wednesday by the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Offer and National Clinical Director shows that the number of confirmed COIVD-19 cases with a link to sport is on the rise (see page 12), albeit not specifically linked to our sport.

 The First Minister outlined measures that are a mixture of national and regional in scope, that will come into force from 6pm on Friday 9 October for the hospitality changes and 1am Saturday 10 October for all other changes. These measures are to remain in place until to Sunday 25 October inclusive, unless a statement is made prior to them indicating any further change.

 The primary measures impacting on sport are regional in their reach, covering the following NHS Health Boards (with local authorities also listed to provide clarity);

  • NHS Ayrshire & Arran (North, South and East Ayrshire local authority areas)
  • NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (Glasgow, East and West Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire, and Inverclyde local authority areas)
  • NHS Lanarkshire (North and South Lanarkshire local authority areas)
  • NHS Forth Valley (Clackmannanshire, Stirling and Falkirk local authority areas)
  • NHS Lothian (Edinburgh, East, West and Mid-Lothian local authority areas).

 Having confirmed the details, given that STS and SCTA are not a contact sport, the direct impact on the sport is limited, however we would draw to the attention of indoor and outdoor clubs the following points (please note the following is not applicable to performance sports activity which is approved through the ‘Resumption of Performance Sport’ process):

Outdoor Cubs

  • Where a local outbreak has been reported, sports facility operators and deliverers should review their facility/operational risk assessment and consider if additional mitigating actions should be put in place to reduce risk.  This may, for example, include; suspending activity, enhancing hygiene and physical distancing measures or introducing additional activity restrictions.

Indoor Clubs

  • Adult (18+) indoor group exercise activities are not allowed. (Adult group activity for the purposes of this guidance is activity, involving adults, from more than 2 households / 6 members of those households who take part in an activity on any one day.)
  • Indoor sport and leisure facilities can remain open if Scottish Government Coronavirus (COVID-19):  Guidance for the opening of indoor and outdoor sport and leisure facilities is fully implemented.
  • Children under 12 years of age can continue to take part in organised indoor contact and non-contact sports training, activity and competition.
  • Young adults under 18 years of age can continue to take part in indoor non-contact sports training, activity and competition.
  • Adults (18 years of age or older) should not take part in any indoor group activity such as exercise classes, any form of contact sport, group competitions or group coaching/training.
  • Adult group activity for the purposes of this guidance is activity, involving adults, from more than 2 households / 6 members of those households who take part in an activity.
  • Recreational activity, such as gym use, 1:1 personal training, swimming, ice skating and indoor snowsports activity where physical distancing can be maintained is permitted.
  • Coaches can take multiple sessions per day, but each session should not include more than one other household if adults are involved (maximum of 6 people in total).



With that in mind, this does not preclude indoor clubs from opening (or re-opening) but it does emphasise the need for clubs to avoid holding any form of competition and re-iterate the importance of closely monitoring numbers using the range at any one time and ensuring social distancing guidance is followed.


With those factors emphasised, the restrictions on indoor and outdoor sport remain as previously communicated and contained in version 1.4 of the STS guidance for target shooting in Scotland. We will work to update our guidance early next week to help provide further clarity on considerations for clubs when local or regional additional and/or tighter measures are applied.


Additional Indirect Guidance

To summarise the key points from the First Minister’s announcement that do not specifically relate to shooting but may have an indirect relevance and/or impact on it are:

  • Adult (18+) outdoor contact sport is not allowed, with an exemption for performance sport as defined in the resumption of performance sport guidance. (Indoor adult contact sport continues to be prohibited across the country.)
  • The following travel advice:
    • Asking people to avoid public transport unless necessary (e.g. work or school);
    • Advised to avoid (but not prohibited from) travelling outside your health board area if you don’t need to; and
    • For those living outside this region, they are advised not to travel into the region if you don’t need to. However, this is advice not mandatory and people are not required to cancel half-term breaks they have planned.
  • Outdoor adult non-contact group exercise and indoor adult individual exercise can continue in line with current SGB and operator guidance.
  • There is no change to sport and physical activity guidance for under 18s.
  • Those who were in the shielding group have not been asked to return to shielding but are being advised to take extra care, especially in the central belt, following the rise in cases.


While the restrictions announced are short-term, we understand the challenges they present in relation to the re-opening of clubs. We also recognise the impact this pandemic is continuing to have on participation, finances and facilities across the sport. STS and SCTA will continue to work with the Scottish Government (through sportscotland) to ensure that the concerns and challenges facing the sport are heard, understood and addressed. We will continue doing all we can to support clubs through this and as part of this process, STS would encourage clubs (members or otherwise) to complete our survey about clubs re-opening, whether they have reopened yet or not, which also provides an opportunity for clubs to identify what additional support they need.


23rd September 2020 Update

Update to COVID-19 Guidance in Scotland

Yesterday the First Minister provided an update setting out a tightening of coronavirus-related restrictions, in response to an increase in the rate of spread of the virus. The priorities mentioned were to save lives and protect health, keep schools open, restart as many non-coronavirus NHS services as possible, and protect jobs by keeping businesses open where possible. The approach announced was more targeted than earlier in the year and did not constitute a return to full lockdown. The steps announced will be reviewed in 3 weeks.

Having confirmed the details, STS and the SCTA are pleased to confirm that there is no immediate and/or direct impact on the sport of target shooting over and above what has been previously released. To clarify, the imposed limitations on indoor sport in England, outlined by the Prime Minister yesterday, will not currently be replicated in Scotland so the restrictions on indoor sport remain as previously communicated and contained in version 1.4 of the STS guidance for target shooting in Scotland.

However, there was an indication that reviews around sport activity, that had previously received an indicative date of 5 October, are now likely to be further delayed. As a reminder, the potential changes most relevant for sport suggested for review were:

  • Indoor Contact Sport: Allowed to resume for adults and young people aged 12 and over in line with SGB guidance. (Currently only allowed for children under 12.)
  • Sports Stadia: Allowed to re-open for limited numbers.
  • Events: There will be further relaxation of restrictions on indoor and outdoor events, although this will not allow all events and particularly large events to take place.

To summarise the key points from the First Minister’s announcement that do not specifically relate to sport but may have an indirect relevance and/or impact on it are:

  • Private Gatherings:
  1. People will not be allowed to visit other households indoors. The public are asked to abide by this from Wednesday Sept 23rd and will be placed into law from Friday 25th.
  2. There are exceptions for extended households, non-cohabiting couples, informal childcare, trades people.
  3. It is still acceptable to meet outdoors, including in private gardens, keeping to the 6 people / 2 household guidance.
  4. When outdoors, under 12s do not count towards either the 6 people or 2 household limit.
  5. When outdoors, 12 to 18 year olds must keep to the limit of 6 people, but are exempted from the 2 household limit.
  • Car Sharing: People should not car share with those from outside their household.
  • Hospitality Curfew: Pubs, restaurants and bars are required to close at 10pm.
  • Environmental Health: Additional funding for local Environmental Health teams, allowing for greater capacity for inspections of businesses to enhance compliance and enforcement.
  • Work From Home: People should continue to work from home where possible.
  • FACTS: The main public health ‘FACTS’ messaging remains: Face coverings; Avoid crowded places; Clean your hands regularly; Two meters distance; Self-isolate and book a test if you have symptoms.
  • Shielding: No return to shielding advice.

As has been the case throughout COVID-19, the response from shooters and their club members have been fantastic and contribute to why sport in Scotland has remained exempt from some of the restrictions being imposed. Please keep up this good work.


11th September 2020 Update

Following the First Ministers briefing - confirmation from STS and sportscotland that clay shooting, if following the guidelines, can continue.

Yesterday, the First Minister updated Scottish Parliament yesterday on the review of the route map through and out of the pandemic. She noted that while Scotland had successfully suppressed the virus in the summer, confirmed positive case numbers have recently risen. As a result, the criteria have not been met to progress to Phase 4 of the route map. She also noted that the Scottish Government’s assessment is that we are now reaching or have reached the limit of what can be safely open up. An updated route map is available at Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 3: Scotland's route map update – 10 September 2020.

In terms of sport, the headline is that due to the actions taken by governing bodies, sports clubs and individuals to contain the virus, outdoor sport and indoor non-contact sport (i.e. all forms of shooting) is exempt from the announced tightening of restrictions around social gatherings. This therefore means that the guidance previously published by STS and the SCTA shall remain in place and is still the guidance to follow.

However, due to the rise in cases, it was confirmed that there will be a delay in the indicative date at which further steps might be taken to ease restrictions. This indicative date had been 14 September but in view of the current increase in cases, this has been moved back to Monday 5 October 2020. This new date remains indicative and falls after the next formal review point on Thursday 1 October.

The reason for sport getting these privileges is due to the efforts made by those in the sector, so STS and the SCTA would like to congratulate clubs for the efforts you have gone to, we know these have not been easy. To ensure we continue to do all we can to suppress the virus in shooting and benefit from the privileges attributed to the wider sporting sector, there are two areas STS would strongly recommend and endorse to clubs and your members:

  • Protect Scotland app - The Protect Scotland App from NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect is a free, mobile phone App (available from the Apple Store and Google Play) designed to help reduce the spread of coronavirus and avoid further lockdowns. The App will alert you if you have been in close contact with another App user who tests positive for coronavirus. Additionally, if you test positive, it can help in determining contacts that you may have otherwise missed while keeping your information private and anonymous. With infections starting to rise again, it is important that you download and use the Protect Scotland App to help stop the spread of coronavirus. More information can be found at: https://protect.scot/
  • COVID 19 Officer e-learning Module: sportscotland has developed an e-learning module to provide COVID Officers with key information and guidance to support clubs to return safely to the delivery of sport and physical activity. If your club is looking to re-open it is important that each club has at least one COVID Officer and that each officer takes this training to help understand the role and the areas to look out for. Sports across Scotland are signposting this to their clubs and it is important that shooting clubs are actively involved in this free and valuable training. The module should take less than an hour to complete and can be found at: https://rise.articulate.com/share/LlEWUj-o23H_4gC1AF002jdxdrCucQC0#/

Clearly there are still challenges for sport and we are not blind to these but the exception made around sporting activity is welcome, especially in view of plans many clubs have made to re-start activity. STS and the SCTA hopes that this exemption means that shooting clubs that have already opened, can remain open, while those looking to open in the near future, can continue along the timelines already put in place.