DTL - A message from Norrie

Dear shooters – a message from Norrie

This rearranged South Area Championship was a cancelled shoot originally proposed for May 29th 2021. This cancellation was due to a couple of factors , 1 - there was a shoot in North Wales which was cancelled from April 1st because of Covid and rearranged clashing with the 29th of May so there was ten Scottish shooters booked in for that. The second was lack of bodies in pre-booking and as mentioned in despatches on DTL group the ground will not hold the shoot unless they have at least 4 squads. This is totally understandable as referees and now hopefully catering cost money.

I have had several calls about the lack of shoots in the central belt and yet NSC had only 4 x shooters booked in for May 29th.  As you note  We have 2 shoots arranged for the 17th & 18th July . If you want to shoot the South Area pre-booking will commence on the 3rd / 4th July .  Depending on the turn out there may be food available however the numbers would need to be decent. In checking back the records and paying attention to trap from the past the ground formerly known as Central produced some huge scores.  A certain Willie Lamont shot a 300 and there were many scores in the nineties from other old codgers. Same SKY same Clouds same back ground as we have to-day.

The late great Mr Michael Milne passed some good advice to a novice like me, if you shoot more clays than anybody else on the day you will win . Mon Guys – nae excuses