National Skeet HI Report 2021

National Skeet Home International at Fauxdegla 2021

Hi All

It was long awaited international after missing out in 2020,  our weather was very good over the weekend with some challenging targets at times.

I was personally proud of all the team members over the 2 days of shooting with 3 of them really shining through - Thomas McCarle, Ronnie Crichton & Becky Kibble.

Scottish ladies and the juniors started superbly on day 1.  Thomas McCarle, new cap, with his 1st one hundred straight and Becky Kibble with a 99 missing low 7 for the ton!

The Seniors also shooting well in day 1 aswell as Super Vets & juniors.

The trend continued into day 2 with the ladies, Becky Kibble , Wendy Taylor & Allison Brown, pushing 7 targets in front to lead the way and finish winning ladies team.

Juniors, Thomas McCarle & Ben Cumming, also pushing England to the last few targets of the day and taking runners up.

Seniors, after being behind by 4 targets in the morning of day 2  managed to keep it going and after a shoot off with Jersey finished runner up to England.

Super Vets managed to also keep it going through the 2 days to finish runner up to England.

Vets over the 2 days made a good effort but didn't manage a placing.


Seniors Team        Runner Up Team

Mike Reid

Jamie Spence

Davy Muir

Ronnie Crichton

Paul Nelson

Davy Friel

Andrew Nicol

Danny Napier

Peter Caira

James MaClean


Ladies Team            Winning Team

Becky Kibble

Wendy Taylor

Allison Brown


Junior Team            Runner Up Team

Thomas McCarle

Ben Cumming


Super Vets               Runner Up Team

John Ross

Gordon Lumsden

David Patterson



Richard Kibble

Wullie Napier

Jimmy Center


Mike Reid     146/150

Scottish Senior   H/G


Ronnie Crichton 145/150

Senior Runner Up


Thomas McCarle 147/150

Scottish Junior

International Junior Runner Up


Gordon Lumsden 142/150

Scottish Super Vet H/G


Richard Kibble  143/150

Scottish Veteran H/G


Becky Kibble  148/150

International ladies H/G

Captains Cup H/G

Scottish ladies H/G

Scottish Overall H/G


Many thanks to the team members of this years home International and well done to the the individual winners.


Paul Nelson

Skeet Rep